Lonely Korea

Gwangju Groups

By Shay Meinecke

Need some information about the Gwangju life?

There are a number of groups on Facebook and various websites that provide up-to-date information to help any traveler. A few specialize in providing information about specific topics.

1) Say Kimchi–Obviously, a number one choice. We pride ourselves on giving an overview of Gwangju through links, informationa and personal narratives. Need a review on a local Korean restaurant? Want information on how to get started as teacher abroad? Confused by the Korean culture? Say Kimchi easily provides information that any teacher can find useful and educational.

2) Gwangju Facebook Group–This Facebook groups includes a good amount of people with a vast amount of information on Korean living. You can find any question and answer on Korean culture, language, food, places and even travel outside of Korea. This is also a good group to meet fellow teachers and Koreans who live in the area.

3) Gwangju Korean Learners CLUB–Now that you’ve met a few people, it’s best to learn some Korean language. Here you can find FREE Korean lessons provided by local, native Korean speakers. The group meets for class once a week and is usually followed by dinner and activities. This is a great hands-on group for learning the language and meeting new people.

4) Gwangju Foodies–Want to find the best eats in Gwangju? The Gwangju Foodie Facebook group is dedicated towards finding the best restaurants, recipes and food savings. Many people on here also post additional information on where to find those hard to find ‘Western’ goodies.

5) Lonely Korea–Want to travel and get to know Korea? This is truely a great way to travel, meet people and fulfill that desire for adventure. Lonely Korea is anything but lonely. Many people attend these tours and experience the best Korea has to offer.

Lonely Korea

6) One Stop–This group focuses on buying and selling in Korea. When you first get here you will need some new things to buy. When you’re about to move, you’ll definitely need to sell. The best way to do this is through the Facebook group One Stop.

7) GIC– Gwangju International Center is located downtown and helps to provide additional information about everything Korea. You can find anything in their magazines from myths debunked, interviews with locals and events in and around Gwnagju.

There are many more groups that cater to specific activities and purposes.

The best thing about Gwangju, is that once you get here you will truely feel welcomed and informed.

GIC to host art show starting June 11

The Gwangju International Center will host an art show starting June 11.

■ Title: ‘Curious Encounters & The Things I Don’t Fully Understand’
■ Participants: Ian Aherne, Nadine Bouliane and Meaghan Ford
■ Exhibition Period: June 11 ~ 25, 2011
■ Place: Gwangju International Center GIC Gallery
■ Opening with Artists’ Talk: June 11 (Saturday), 3 p.m.

It is a tri-part exhibition featuring artists Ian Aherne, Nadine Bouliane and Meaghan Ford. This exhibition will show over 20 pieces of drawings and paintings with various medium. Enjoy Meaghan’s dazzling water colour paintings and striking “Cabinet of Curiosities”; consider Ian’s provocative found works and optically captivating photographs; return to your childhood with Nadine’s folk inspired animal transformations and process driven photographs.

Contact) So-eun Moon 062)226-2733/4, moon@gic.or.kr

December Art Exhibition at Gwangju International Center

‘Since we’re here… New work by Mesa Schumacher’

Mesa Schumacher will show her new artworks at GIC Gallery. She was born in Seattle and now
teaches English in Gwangju. She studied Anatomy and Science at Stanford University and works as a
Science artist and illustrator. She normally works with biological cultural subjects. Around 90 artworks
which include illustrations, paintings and photos will be shown in this exhibition.

Exhibition period: December 04 – December 31, 2010
Opening with Artist’s Talk: December 04 (Sat) 3 p.m. at GIC Gallery
시애틀 출신인 Mesa Schumacher는 현재 광주에서 영어선생님으로 일하고 있다. 그녀는 Stanford
대학에서 해부학과 과학을 전공하고 현재 과학예술가와 삽화가로 활동하고 있다. 그녀는 보통
생물학적이고 문화적인 주제로 작업한다. 이번 전시에서는 삽화, 회화, 사진 분야의 최근 작품 90점을
선보일 예정이다.

전시기간: 2010년 12월 4일 – 12월 31일
오프닝: 12월 4일 (토) 오후 3시 광주국제교류센터 갤러리