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How not to crash your Skype interview.

  As part of the SKR application process, you will need to list your Skype ID. Many schools prefer a Skype interview over regular phone interviews. We want to prepare you for your interview with the school you want to work at. Here are some anti-bombing tips on how to slice and dice a Skype […]

Laid-Back Busan

Many people in Korea have traveled to Busan. So, it’s my opinion an article about what to do and what to see is probably irrelevant. In fact, Say Kimchi has a pretty nice write up of it already. So, why should you read this article? The answer is simple. Busan is an amazing city. I […]

Visit Hong Do

  Korea is littered with thousands of small, beautiful islands. Hong-do (홍도/ “Red Island”) ranks number 3 on CNN Travel’s “33 Beautiful Islands to Visit in Korea”. It’s part of Jeollanam-do and takes about 2 ½ hours by ferry from Mokpo. Since my trip was in February, there was no need to make a reservation, […]

Celebrating Seollal with a Korean family.

  This past Lunar New Year I was fortunate enough to experience Seollal with the director of my school, David, and his family. En route to his home he looks at me and says: “I am so excited for you to meet my whole family.” The whole family? “Yes” he laughs. “There are at least […]

Teacher stories : Christina Riley

  We love hearing from old recruits and being a part of great memories in South Korea! I recently spoke to Christina who was a teacher in South Korea in Jinju about her experience and this is what she had to say: Christina, please tell us a little more about how you decided to come […]

Learn to Say…

Happy New Years! 새해 복 많이 받으세요! (sae hae bok mahnee badeu saeyo) 새해               (sae hae)             New Years 복                   (bok)                    blessing 많이               (mahnee)             many 받으세요        (badeu saeyo)     to receive (yo–with respect/formal) The literal translation is “New Years blessing many receive” The non-literal translation is “Have many happy New Years” or simply […]

So what is this recruitment business?

  You’re considering applying for a teaching position in South Korea, but don’t really know where to start. Is it best to go through a recruitment company? Or should I apply for jobs directly? This is an informative guide to help you understand the services and convenience a recruitment company can provide to you. Why […]

You May Have Heard

Everyone’s favorite mountain, Mudeungsan, is now a national park. The upgrade will make Mudeungsan the 21st National Park in South Korea. What you may not know is the reason behind the decision. Thanks to the “2,296 species of animals and plants” the mountain was easily chosen. In addition, there are also “8 endangered species…2 treasures […]

Korean Korail Experience–The Naeilro Promotion

-ShayM Korea is a fairly accessible country. It takes only a few hours to get from the southern most to the northern most part of Korea. From Gangwon-do to Jeolla-do there are plenty of sites, views and history. It’s a good way, especially during winter, to travel. While there are a few excellent packages available […]